5 killer ways to master the art of writing for your Chat Bot!

5 killer ways to master the art of writing for your Chat Bot!

As bots pop up every day and writing for one is a trial for script writers. It’s a process full of hits and misses. Nevertheless, challenge accepted!

So, while I was working on feeding our own bot’s brain and heart with few rules to fall back on I sort of found ways that made creating content for our bot ‘Carey’ so much easier.

So here goes the tried and tested sure fire ways to make your bot the human it intends to be.

1.Have a Heart

Although, we call it artificial intelligence we need to remember the beauty of writing for a bot  lies in making it as human as possible. It needs the understanding that we aren’t talking to just demographic profiles but people. We are talking with mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts or a neighbour.
The way the user is acknowledged or addressed through a chat has the power to bring him back again. Remember that friend who you could call or text anytime and he and she would be there. If not with a solution but atleast ears and shoulders to lean on.

2. Find Your Voice. Develop it.

This one is very important. What’s your voice? Who do you sound like? Are you a judgy nagger or are you a friendly help. Have a source of qualities that will form the structure of how do you want to sound like.
You may already have these characteristics listed or now may be the right time to define your voice. So, if you had to define your voice pick your the words that stand for those qualities. Are you – strict, warm, helpful, funny, cute, happy, serious, sarcastic, punny or hospitable. Make a map of words that you would associate with voice of your bot.

And follow the tone in the scripts you write.

3. Connect Emotionally

The most important is making an emotional connection. You need to remember, the user is seeking something and is therefore using the chatbot. Identify those emotions. And address them. An emotional bond stays the strongest. If you the problem then find ways to solve it. And if you can’t solve it then just be a good listener and send some TLC. Appreciate. Celebrate. Give a high five!

4. Be the Bot

So before you create the bot, you have to be the bot. Embrace and soak in the qualities of your bot. Think like your bot and design your responses, your conversation starters and your conversation closures. When you sit down and write you are the bot filled with all those qualities you aspire to project.

5.Don’t scare. Motivate

The aim of every chat must be to observe and motivate. Even if the user errs, lags or fails. Motivate the user to the next step. Lead them to the next best thing. Show them what could be while appreciating what is. Your success lies not in correcting the failures but in showcasing the triumphs of your user. Even if they are the tiniest ones. Cause of all us someday want to be heroes.

Well, I could be writing 5 more super killer ways to write for a chatbot. But don’t want to make this one a long winding list. So stay tuned for the ultimate next 5 in my next post. Meanwhile, go kill it!